Giving the [creative] a chance.

We've put together an innovative software suite that opens new doors for artist and animators alike.

The [creative] coalition

Meolore Studios creates the software that lets you—the [creative], not the coder— create the games. Our tools make game development accessible to those of us with great ideas but not so great programming skills.

Get what you need to succeed

Every subscription gets you access to a plethora of resources, including tutorials, documentation, support, and more. We’ll be there every step of the way to assist you as you turn your game into a reality.


Latest News

  • D14.M08.Y2018R.O.A.M. - First game made with PolyCAik software now available on Apple Store.

    Available for download, the first project demonstrating what can be done with the PolyCAik software has hit the store. Go check it out -> Here
  • D02.M10.Y2017University of Northwestern

    University sets to incorporate PolyCAik software into their Media Arts & Animation curriculum to introduce core game-design principles to registered students.
  • D15.M09.Y2017Iyare Oronsaye joins Meolore Studios Board of Directors.

    From academia with extensive experience in arts, animation, and design, Mr. Oronsaye is poised to help Meolore Studios further grow the capabilities of their software suite to meet the needs of the [creative].

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